Design Principles

A number of design principles have guided the development of MHIS since work began in 1995. Some of these principles are outlined below.

  • Hidden Complexity
  • MHIS hides complexity of multi location delivery and management of service both for administrators and clinical users
  • 2am Template
  • MHIS allows immediate access to key information for emergency admission
  • "3 Click" Guideline
  • the user interface has been designed to minimise the number of key clicks required to access patient information from any entry point
  • Modular Design
  • Modular system design facilitates the future development and addition of new modules
  • PAS and EPR Integration
  • MHIS integrates the EPR and PAS information with user functional needs, e.g., personal diaries for clinicians, waiting lists and attendance recording for administrative personnel, ward management interfaces for ward nurses, etc.
  • Consistent Look and Feel
  • intuitive and consistent look and feel throughout the system for users